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Clinics and Physician Groups

Clinics and Physician Groups

Primary care providers make referrals and recommendations for diabetes care such as annual screenings, but achieving patient adherence is challenging. For diabetic eye disease in particular, Canary Telehealth helps close this gap in care. We provide diabetic retinopathy screening services to support providers managing patients with diabetes.

Canary Telehealth sends specially-trained technicians to the patient’s place of residence and conducts the screening in the convenience of the home setting. We handle scheduling, fulfillment, and reporting of results. Providers receive a copy of the results so they have confirmation that the recommended screening has been done. They also receive a copy of patient instructions for any recommended follow up.

Besides the home setting, Canary Telehealth can work with the clinic to set up designated screening days on which patients came come into the office to have a retina scan performed by trained Canary Telehealth technicians.

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