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Remote Patient Monitoring

For Chronic Conditions
Remote Patient Monitoring

Canary Telehealth uses a combination of remote health status monitoring, coaching, and care coordination to help patients manage chronic conditions. We monitor patient biometric measurements, symptoms, and medication adherence. Canary Telehealth provides an early warning system that enables intervention to reduce costly acute episodes and long-term complications.

Why Remote Patient Monitoring?

Managing chronic conditions relies on patient self-management and behavior modification. It also depends on daily collection of data on patient status in the home. The use of technology to electronically capture and transmit data to care providers can facilitate rapid review of biometrics and enhance management of conditions between visits to a physician.

Which Patients Will Benefit?

Canary Telehealth remote patient monitoring services are designed for patients with chronic conditions who are at high risk of hospitalization and complications if the condition is not sufficiently managed. These conditions generally require at least daily measurement of biometrics, lifestyle adjustments, adherence to a medication regimen, and periodic physician visits to monitor the condition or signs of emerging complications. We aim to serve patients at high risk of avoidable hospitalizations, readmissions, or ED utilization.

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